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(NOT JUST MATCHA) At Pure Matcha, we offer more than just traditional Ceremonial Grade Matcha. We also offer 100% Rooibos Powder and 100% Black Tea Powder. These healthy and powerful teas are so special in their own right. Packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals, these teas will give you the boost your body needs on a daily basis. Here at Pure Matcha we wanted to do things a little bit differently. We thought if Traditional Ceremonial Matcha can be this good, what if we made other favorites like Rooibos and Black tea the same way…. So we did.


Red Matcha


100% Rooibos Powder ( Red Matcha ) Rooibos is only found in South Africa. Our Rooibos is hand picked in the mountains just north of Cape Town, South Africa where it is well known to have the finest Rooibos. Rooibos is naturally Caffeine free. It is naturally sweet and actually has more anti-oxidants than green tea. Rooibos is also a great source of vitamin C as well as other vitamins and minerals.


black Matcha

100% Black Tea Powder ( Black Matcha ) It is not a debate but fact, the best Black tea in the world comes from the Darjeeling region of India. If you have ever had a cup of Darjeeling tea then you would know. So we naturally decided to use Darjeeling leaves in our 100% Black Tea Powder. Our Black Matcha is very strong in flavor. It has an earthy, robust flavor with a hint of sweetness. Black Matcha is full of anti-oxidants and vitamins as well as a kick of natural caffeine. We encourage you to put aside the coffee when you wake up and have a hot cup of Black Matcha. Although it has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, the caffeine in Black Matcha is naturally time released. Giving you energy all day, the natural way.

Green Matcha

(Premium Ceremonial Grade Green Tea) Matcha, which means powdered tea, has been enjoyed for over 800 years. The process of Matcha itself, from leaf to Matcha has remained virtually unchanged throughout those 800 years. Here at Pure Matcha we believe in following tradition. Pure Matcha Uses only the highest quality Tencha leaves in our Matcha preparation.This guarantees the freshest and highest quality Matcha. 100% of our Ceremonial Grade Matcha comes from the Nishio Region of Japan. A Place that is well known to produce the finest Matcha in all of Japan.


Green Matcha

(Premium Organic Ceremonial Grade Green Tea) The word Organic speaks for itself. Simple, Healthful, delicious, and close to nature. Made with the same meticulous preparation process as our traditional Ceremonial Grade Matcha; however, with our Organic version we use only the finest 100% certified organic first harvest shade grown Tencha leaves. Our Organic line is of the absolute highest quality and meets USDA-NOP, EU, and Japan Organic standards.

Images 2008 Photography by Ken Iwai